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The Procell Constant series will now focus exclusively on AA and AAA sizes, ensuring the highest quality and efficiency when powering low drain applications. Meanwhile, the C, D, and PP3 sizes will be seamlessly transitioned to the Procell Intense range, which is already available and designed to provide superior performance for high drain devices.

The Procell range available can be found in the table below:
(Please bear in mind that the capacity of a cell does not directly influence performance. The Intense range is designed for high drain applications, while the Constant range is designed for low drain applications.)

Cell SizeTypical Voltage (V) (at +20 °C )Procell Constant
Capacity (mAh)
Procell Intense
Capacity (mAh)
Nominal capacity for AAA, AA, C, D (25 Ω Cont., 8V cut-off) PP3 (2 mA Cont., 5V cut-off)

Procell Constant

We are excited to announce that the Procell Constant range is being streamlined to focus exclusively on the most popular AA and AAA sizes. This strategic decision ensures that we can provide the highest quality and most efficient performance for low drain applications in these widely used sizes. Notable for their longer-lasting power compared to prior Procell Alkaline batteries, Procell Constant AA and AAA batteries reduce the frequency of replacements, thereby saving on operating costs.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Range: Focused exclusively on AA and AAA sizes for maximum efficiency.
  2. Longer Lasting Power: Enhanced performance in low drain devices.
  3. Extended Shelf Life: Guaranteed 10-year shelf life, double that of the previous Procell Alkaline batteries.
  4. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Economically packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes of 10 bulk cells with no plastic packaging.
  5. Effective Inventory Management: Each box and cell is date-coded.

Batteries for Low Drain Devices

Procell Constant Power are designed to be used in low drain devices across a number of different professional industries. A low drain device is an application that draws less than 600mA typically.

Procell Intense

Procell Intense batteries are engineered for high drain devices that require high pulses of energy, offering up to 30% more longevity compared to prior Industrial Duracell Alkaline cells. They are perfect for reducing maintenance costs and downtime in professional settings. Available in various sizes, these batteries ensure long-lasting performance in demanding applications.

Key Features:

Typical Applications:

When to choose Procell Intense over Constant

To find out which cell is best suited for devices in the following industries, click on the relevant Industry below.

If you have any questions regarding the Procell Range, Speak to one of our team.


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