Medical Battery Packs

Our rechargeable and non-rechargeable battery packs have been the choice for leading medical equipment manufactures for both hospitals and care homes.

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In a life threatening emergency, the reliability of a devices power source is crucial. Our battery packs have performed time and time again in life critical situations around the globe. They are manufactured to ISO 9001 QMS standards using world leading cells and components.

Each of our battery packs endures a rigorous testing procedure to ensure quality throughout their lifetime.



Backup batteries are required for ventilators to transfer patients around hospitals and during power outages. Primary lithium cells and battery packs are often used as it allows battery changes without needing to recharge cells. This is extremely important during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic where the NHS are seeing increased amounts of patients.


Suction Pumps

Battery powered suction pumps are utilized across the medical field. Their portability allows them to be used in emergency situations outside of the Hospital to treat patients immediately. Our battery packs power pumps in hospitals, nursing homes and for emergency services across the globe.

Wireless Nurse Call

Wireless nurse call systems are saving customers up to 40% against their hard wired alternative while also improving on features. Installation of the wireless system is easy due to no need for hard wiring to the mains, reducing disruption to staff and residents.

Cell Distribution

As well as manufacturing battery packs for the medical sector we also supply Hospitals and Care Center’s with high quality, reliable cells for: Hoists, PIR Monitors, Autoclaves, Surgical Power Tools, Remote Controls and other devices.

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