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EnerSys are the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. They manufacture and distribute reserve power and motive power batteries, battery chargers, power equipment, battery accessories and outdoor equipment enclosure solutions to customers worldwide.

Note: Our EnerSys range will be listed on our consumer website Budget Batteries.

Product Range

  •  EnerSys Cyclon Range

    Cyclon View Products

    • Building blocs that provide optimum reliability for customised and specialist battery applications
    • Wide temperature operating range (-65°C to +80°C)
    • Resealable safety valve
    • Steel can enclosure
    • Rugged construction
    • Extremely low self-discharge rate providing up to 2 years shelf-life
    • Pure lead design offers highest recharge efficiency
    • Very high cycle life delivers up to 300 cycles (100% Depth of Discharge)
    • Greatest high-rate power density, per unit weight
    • Up to 10-year design life at 25°C
    • Proven in-the-field technology and UL recognised components
    • C5 rate, to 80% of rated capacity
  •  EnerSys Genesis Range

    Genesis View Products

    • High energy density
    • Leak proof construction
    • Excellent performance in either float or cyclic applications
    • Long service life
    • Maintenance free
    • Can be side mounted with no performance loss
  •  EnerSys DataSafe Range

    DataSafe View Products

    • Provide optimal performance in high rate discharge applications
    • Used primarily where high power is required for a short duration
    • Long Service life
    • Maintenance free
    • Leak proof construction
    • Can be side mounted with no performance loss


While we have been dealing with EnerSys for years supplying their high quality and robust Cyclon range, it wasn't until we acquired the Budget Batteries trading name that we started to do much more business with EnerSys.

Budget Batteries had always been selling a range of Sealed Lead Acid products by EnerSys and we have continued to do so after being impressed by their quality ourselves.

We stock most of the Genesis range, as well as some of the DataSafe range on Budget Batteries, our consumer website.


EnerSys and its predecessor companies have been manufacturers of industrial batteries for over 100 years. The current company was formed in late 2000 to acquire from Yuasa Corporation (Japan) its reserve power and motive power battery businesses in North and South America.

Today, EnerSys reserve power batteries are marketed and sold principally under the PowerSafe, DataSafe, Hawker, Genesis, ODYSSEY and CYCLON brands. Their motive power batteries are marketed and sold principally under the Hawker, IRONCLAD, General Battery, Fiamm Motive Power, Oldham and Express brands. EnerSys battery products span a broad range of sizes, configurations and electrical capabilities, enabling them to meet a wide variety of customer applications.