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By pursuing exceptional quality in every step of the production process, Panasonic Batteries aim to provide full customer satisfaction. Their fully automated production lines incorporate production facilities independently developed over many years, with a strong emphasis on quality control.

Cell Pack Solutions share the same ethos with an emphasis on quality which is why we are pleased to offer Panasonic batteries to our customers, as individual cells or as part of custom battery packs.

Primary Cell Range

  • Panasonic Alkaline Partner Page

    Alkaline View Products

    • Standard alkaline batteries for industrial usage
  • Panasonic BR Series Cylindrical Partner Page

    BR Series (Cylindrical) View Products

    • Long term reliability
    • Poly-carbonmonofluoride lithium technology
    • Up-to 10 year operating performance
  • Panasonic BR Coin Range

    BR Series (Coin) Enquire

    • High energy density
    • Poly-carbonmonofluoride lithium technology
    • Stable performance under relatively high environmental temperatures
    • Products: BR-1225, BR-1225A (High Temp), BR-1632, BR-2032, BR-2325, BR-2330, BR-3032
  • Panasonic CR Cylindrical Range

    CR Series (Cylindrical) View Products

    • High current to be drawn from spiral structure
    • Manganese dioxide lithium technology
  • Panasonic CR Coin Range

    CR Series (Coin) Enquire

    • High energy density
    • Manganese dioxide lithium technology
    • Especially useful for equipment requiring relatively high current
    • Products: CR-1025, CR-1216, CR-1220, CR-1612, CR-1616, CR-1620, CR-1632, CR-2012, CR-2016, CR-2025, CR-2032, CR-2330, CR-2354, CR-2412, CR-2450, CR-2477, CR-3032
  • Panasonic BR Pinned Range

    BR Series (Pinned) Enquire

    • Slim-line pin-type lithium batteries contained in an aluminum casing
    • Poly-carbonmonofluoride lithium technology
    • A single cell lithium pin battery can light an LED
    • Products: BR-435

NiMH Range

  • Panasonic NiMH Standard Range

    Standard Enquire

    • Excellent Cost Performance
    • High Capacity
    • Rapid Charge Capable
    • Products: BK-70AAAJ (HHR-70AAA), BK-90AAA, BK-70AA (HHR-70AA), BK-110AAO (HHR-110AA), BK-120AA (HHR-120AA), BK-150AA (HHR-150AA), BK-200A (HHR-200A), BK-210A HHR-210A), BK-380A (HHR-380A), BK-450A (HHR-450A)
  • Panasonic NiMH Button Top Range

    Button Top Enquire

    • Used in place of dry batteries
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Fits all common household applications
    • Products: BK-65AAAB, BK-80AAAB (HHR-80AAAB), BK-110AAB (HHR-110AAB), BK-200AAB
  • Panasonic NiMH High Rate / Rapid Charge Range

    High Rate Discharge / Rapid Charge Enquire

    • Excellent large current discharge characteristics
    • Rapid charge capable
    • Products: BK-200SCP (HHR-20SCP), BK-260SCP (HHR-26SCP), BK-300SCP (HHR-30SCP)
  • Panasonic NiMH High Temp / Long Life Range

    High Temperature / Long Life Enquire

    • Ideal for back-up usage such as Emergency Lighting
    • Capable of delivering excellent charge characteristics at high temperature
    • Products: BK-60AAAH (HHR-60AAAH), BK-70AAH (HHR-70AAAH), BK-160AH, BK-210AH (HHR-210AH), BK-370AH (HHR-370AH)
  • Panasonic NiMH High Rate / High Temp Range

    High Rate Discharge / High Temperature Enquire

    • Ideal for back-up usage such as Emergency Lighting
    • Capable of delivering excellent large current discharge characteristics at high temperature
    • Products: BK-250SCH (HHR-25SCH), BK-310CH, BK-330APH (HHR-330AH)
  • Panasonic Low Temp Range

    Low Temperature Discharge Enquire

    • Excellent low temperature discharge characteristics
    • Products: BK-130AA, BK-250A
  • Panasonic NiMH Infrastructure Range

    Infrastructure Enquire

    • High quality energy solution
    • Lightweight and space saving
    • High efficiency at low temperature
    • Products: BK-10V1S, BK-10V10T

NiCd Range

  • Panasonic NiCd Standard Range

    Standard Enquire

    • Exceptional discharge performance and durability
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: KR-7000F, KR-10000M
  • Panasonic NiCd Long Life Range

    Long Life Enquire

    • Increased long life due to low self discharge
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: N-600AAC, N-600AACL, N-700AAC, N-700AACL
  • Panasonic NiCd High Temp Range

    High Temperature Enquire

    • Wide operating temperature for more extreme environments
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: KR-CH, KR-FH, KR-MH
  • Panasonic NiCd Heat Resistart Range

    Heat-Resistart Enquire

    • Ideal in higher temperature applications
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: N-600AAK, N-1200SCK
  • Panasonic NiCd Heat Resistart / High Power Range

    High Power / Heat-Resistart Enquire

    • Ideal in higher temperature applications that require a high power drain
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: N-1600SCB, N-2000CB
  • Panasonic NiCd Rapid Charge Range

    Rapid Charge Enquire

    • Rapid charge capabilities
    • Resistance to shock and vibration
    • Products: N-1250SCRL, N-1300SCR, N-1700SCR, N-1900SCR, N-2500SCR, N-3000CR


We have always supplied certain Panasonic cells but since our purchase of Budget Batteries in May 2016, we are now a direct distributor with access to their full range and are looking forward to working closely with one of the world leading battery manufacturers.


Panasonic was first founded in 1918 as a vendor of duplex lamp sockets. In 1927, it began producing bicycle lamps, the first product which it marketed under the brand name National.

Today, Panasonic produce an extensive range of electrical, household and industrial goods, including TV's, Washing Machines, Camera's and of course batteries.

Not only do they make all of the batteries you will see listed here, but they are also the exclusive supplier to Tesla Motors, manufacturing the batteries used in their electric vehicles.