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The Duracell Brand has been widely recognised for many years. We often use Duracell cells in our Battery Packs because we find them to be of high quality and very reliable.

As one of the UK’s leading battery pack assemblers, we offer the Procell range in full. These cells are aimed at the industrial market but will work just as well in consumer applications.

Our aim is to offer you the best battery pack solution incorporating the latest battery technologies from Duracell to give you more power for longer at a great price.

Duracell Procell Intense

  • Up to 30% better longevity (vs. prior Industrial by Duracell Alkaline AA batteries) in high drain professional devices
  • Economically packaged in bulk and individually date-coded for effective inventory management.
  • Designed to meet all major quality, safety and environmental standards:
  • Operating temperatures from -20°C. to 54°C
 SizeChemistryMPNVoltageCapacityDimensions (LxWxH)Data Sheets
Duracell Procell Intense AA Batteries | Box of 10AAAlkalinePX15001.5V3.112Ah14.5 × 50.5 mm
Duracell Procell Intense AAA Batteries | Box of 10AAAAlkalinePX24001.5V1.461Ah10.5 × 45 mm
Duracell Procell Intense C Batteries | Box of 10CAlkalinePX14001.5V7.933Ah26.2 × 50 mm
Duracell Procell Intense D Batteries | Box of 10DAlkalinePX13001.5V15.66Ah34.2 × 61.5 mm
Duracell Procell Intense PP3 (9V) Batteries | Box of 10PP3AlkalinePX16049V0.628mAh25.5 × 17 × 46.5 mm

Duracell Procell Batteries

  • Designed and packaged for wholesale and professional trade customers
  • Operating temperatured of -20ºC to +54ºC
  • Reliable performance even after seven years of storage
  • Manufacturers to meet IEC 60086 and ISO 9000 standards
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 SizeChemistryMPNVoltageCapacityDimensions (LxWxH)Data Sheets
Duracell Procell AA Batteries | Box of 10AAAlkalinePC15001.5V3.0Ah14.5 × 50.5 mm
Duracell Procell AAA Batteries | Box of 10AAAAlkalinePC24001.5V1.2Ah10.5 × 45 mm
Duracell Procell C Batteries | Box of 10CAlkalinePC14001.5V8.1Ah26.2 × 50 mm
Duracell Procell D Batteries | Box of 10DAlkalinePC13001.5V15.4Ah34.2 × 61.5 mm
Duracell Procell PP3 (9V) Batteries | Box of 10PP3AlkalinePC16049V0.67Ah25.5 × 17 × 46.5 mm