Saft Batteries

Saft Batteries

World Leader in High Technology Batteries

Saft are focused on delivering products and solutions designed for business applications. These are adapted to the specific needs of a wide range of users. You will find batteries manufactured by Saft in:

  • Buildings and Industrial Plants
  • Emergency and Security Systems
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Military and Defence
  • Personal Mobility
  • Professional Electronics
  • Professional Tools
  • Small Off-Grid Photovoltaic (PV) Applications
  • Telecommunications

Saft is a global leader in high quality batteries. With its long-term experience in producing batteries, they have unparalleled expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing robust and reliable cells and battery systems.

Product Range

  • Saft Lithium Thonyl Chloride Partner Page

    Lithium Thionyl Chloride View Products

    • Uses High-Energy concentrated "bobbin" electrodes
    • Hermetically sealed but not pressurised at room temperature
    • Very long shelf life due to a low self discharge rate
    • Wide operating range from -60°C to +85°C
    • Applications include Gas Fire and Memory Back-Up (Out of hundreds)
    • Available in 1/2 AA, AA, A, C and D size batteries
    • Offered as standard cells, tags, axial pins, radial pins or polarised pins
  • Saft Lithium Sulphur Dioxide Range

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    • Very high surface area spiral electrodes for maximum current pulse capability
    • Designed for applications which require continuous currents within the 0.1-5A range
    • Will accept superimposed pulses as high as 20A
    • Intended for Military, Radio, Underwater and Emergency Location applications
  • Saft Lithium-Ion Range

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    • Extended lifetime in cycling, floating and calendar conditions, even at high temperature
    • Unrivalled operating temperature range: -50°C to +60°C for standard cells, -40°C to +85°C for Saft's XTD range, use up to +125°C for the specific VL-High Temperature range
    • High operating voltage: 4.2-2.5 V range
    • Unrivalled low and high temperature performance
    • High energy density: up to 385 Wh/l and 180 Wh/kg
    • Maintenance-free reliability
    • Low life cycle cost
  • Saft Lithium Manganese Dioxide Partner Page

    Lithium Manganese Dioxide Enquire

    • Operating voltage: 3V
    • Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C
    • Spiral construction
    • Non-corrosive electrolyte
    • Cells non-pressurised at room temperature
    • High pulse capability
    • Minimal voltage delay
    • Competitive capacity at high current and low temperatures (-40°C)
    • Low self-discharge compatible with long storage duration and extended operating life


Cell Pack Solutions are proud to be an authorised stockist and distributor for Saft. We are fortunate to be situated in South Shields which by coincidence is home also to one of Saft's manufacturing facilities, the last remaining primary lithium battery manufacturing facility in the UK.


SAFT (Société des Accumulateurs Fixes et de Traction) was founded in France during 1918 and since then has been producing batteries. UK operations began during the 1940's and by the 1980's the company had operations in the United States and Asia. Now classed as the world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology batteries for industrial and defence applications, Saft has continued to advance their capabilities by a number of merger's and acquisitions battery company's across the world. Manufacturing of lithium batteries in the UK still continues today at Saft's facility on River Drive in South Shields.