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Ansmann products are designed and built to a very high quality which you would expect from a German Manufacturer. Many of their products are offered with a 3 year warranty as standard. With excellent technical knowledge and expertise, Ansmann have built up a range of battery products which cater for every user; with products to suit general use right up to professional and industrial applications.

Working closely with their direct sales force and their technical department, we are able to bring you their optimum solutions.

Note: Some of our Ansmann range will be listed on our consumer website Budget Batteries.

Product Range

  • Ansmann maxE Partner Page

    maxE View on Budget Batteries

    • Combines the best properties of Alkaline and NiMH batteries into one rechargeable
    • Rechargeable over 1000x
    • Extremely low self discharge rate, maintaining roughly 90% of their charger after one year without use
    • Pre-charged cell meaning you can use it straight out of the pack
    • Competitive price for such an advanced cell
    • Available in AAA, AA, C, D and PP3 size batteries
  • Ansmann Lithium-Ion Partner Page

    Lithium-Ion View Products

    • Integrated Safety Boards on all products
    • Fast lead times for easy design-in solutions
    • Valid UN transport certificates
    • Uses highest quality 18650 cells
    • Competitive pricing
    • Available in a range of configurations
  • Ansmann Extreme Lithium Partner Page

    Extreme Lithium View on Budget Batteries

    • Designed for use in extreme environments such as Mountaineering, Underwater or Arctic Temperatures
    • Operating temperature range of -40ºC and +60ºC
    • Up to 35% lighter than standard alkaline batteries
    • Up to 700% more energy than standard Zinc-Carbon batteries
    • Can be stored for up ot 10 years without use
    • Available in AAA and AA size batteries
  • Ansmann Standard Rechargeable Partner Page

    Standard Rechargeable View on Budget Batteries

    • High capacities
    • Ideal for professional use with high energy demanding applications
    • Extremely durable due to excellent cycling capability
    • Fast recharging without any special battery chargers
    • Available in a wide range of sizes including all common battery sizes
  • Ansmann Photocam V Intelligent Battery Charger

    Battery Chargers View on Budget Batteries

    • NiMH and NiCd charging solutions
    • Lithium chargers available
    • Advanced cell protection features
    • Wide range to suit any application
    • Capable of charging rechargeable AAA, AA, C, D and PP3 size batteries, as well as various sizes of Li-ion and Li-Po batteries


We have worked hard to develop a close working relationship with Ansmann during the last 10 years and we now offer a wide selection of standard Ansmann Batteries, Chargers and Power Supplies. Cell Pack Solutions are proud to be an authorised stockist and distributor for Ansmann Energy in the UK.

The following quote is from our partner mentioning our contribution to ensuring every customers' needs are met:

ANSMANN is proud of the partnership that we have built with Cell Pack Solutions over many years.

ANSMANN have built a successful company based upon the principles of honesty, integrity, quality and growth, principles that we feel Cell Pack share making them the perfect business partner.

Cell Pack Solutions provide a great level of customer service, with a well-trained and knowledgeable team of employees.

We greatly value our relationship with Cell Pack Solutions, long may it continue.

Lenny Wood
Marketing Manager - Ansmann


Ansmann was founded by Edgar Ansmann in 1991 and since then the company has grown rapidly focusing their development on new battery and charging technology, mobile light development, power supply manufacture as well as suitable power accessories.