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Intelligent battery chargers offer both safety features and customisable parameters to suit your rechargeable battery needs.

Our custom battery chargers are configurable to get the most from your rechargeable battery packs. Efficiency and quality is assured by using the highest quality chargers from our partners: Mascot and Ansmann.

Some battery packs can only be charged outside their application. Using our 3D printed docks ensures exact fitment for easy connection and removal of the charging process.



All of our battery chargers come direct from the markets leading manufacturers. They offer robust, dependable charging that meets worldwide safety standards.


Some of the battery chargers we supply are programmable. With the latest software, we are able to customise: charge detection options, safety timers, dV threshold and temperature gradient adjustment.

Bespoke Charging Cradles

If charging the battery pack outside of the device is required, we can manufacture bespoke cradles to fit your battery using 3D printing technology.

Tell us about your Project

Telling us about your project could not be easier. Fill in our battery pack designer form with your project details and one of our specialists will contact you usually within 1 working day. If you wish to discuss your project instead, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or email for advice.