Cyclon Cells & Monoblocs

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EnerSys Cyclon cells & Monoblocs go into a wide range of industrial applications from emergency lighting to medical and military. These rugged batteries with strong external packaging can withstand the harshest of environments with a very wide operating temperature of -65ºC to +80ºC.

The purity of the materials used is the key to supporting Cyclon batteries performance benefits which include a longer service life, combined with higher reliability and fewer system failures, which results in an excellent cost-usage ratio.

Cyclon cells will deliver up to 300 cycles, experience no “dry out”, have a high stable voltage delivery and flat discharge voltage similar to that of NiCd cells. They also emit minimal to no gassing under normal charging conditions and are safe for installation in offices, aircraft cabins, hospitals or any other environment.

If you need a quote for large quantities of Cyclon cells or Monoblocs, please find the product you wish to enquire about and use the “Request a Quote” link below its pricing