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Cell Pack Solutions assemble tagged batteries using a wide range of industrial batteries and a variety of nickel tags or pins. The tags and pins are essentially attached to the batteries to ensure both safe soldering and battery pack construction. This allows our customers to make their own small battery packs or solder batteries into a particular piece of equipment without risk of damaging the battery by applying direct heat. The applications for tagged batteries are wide ranging – often customised products for shavers, toothbrushes, central heating timers and cordless power tools.

The type of tag and its characteristics largely depend on the application for which the battery is used. Some are classified as pins (polarised, axial or radial) and are designed specifically to be soldered into a circuit board in specific pieces of equipment. These types of pinned batteries are usually manufactured in bulk, although we do have a facility in house to do small numbers in our production facility. For more detailed information on types of tags used on tagged batteries, please refer to the table below.

When constructing battery packs, please take extra care as incorrect assembly can potentially cause a risk of fire. If you have any queries regarding tagged batteries or using them to make larger battery packs, please contact us for advice or we could even undertake the job for you by using our own design service.

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