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Dimensions 14.7 × 25.2 mm

Tadiran Batteries

Product Range

Tadiran TL Series






Lithium Thionyl Chloride








1/2 AA



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Weight N/A

Product Description

The Tadiran TL-5902 is a standard 1/2 AA size lithium battery. The TL-5000 series offers an enhanced start, meaning a major improvement of voltage delay at the start of discharge at medium current levels and an intermittent discharge at medium current levels. Because of this, these batteries are perfect for use as memory back-up in a wide range of Computers. They have also been known to go into a range of Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) Alarm Systems and Wireless Alarm Systems.

Tadiran cells are known for their high energy density and high terminal voltage. They have an extremely low self discharge (less than 1% per annum) and a wide operating temperature of between -55ºC to +85ºC. Cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed, ensuring protection against leakage.

We can supply this Tadiran battery as a standard cell or with Tags.

Note: This is a US Tadiran cell. We stock more of and would recommend the European equivalent, the SL-750.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: TL-5902, TL5902, TL-5902/S or TL5902/S
  • IEC: ER14250
  • NSN: 6135-01-370-2599
  • NIIN: 013702599

Also Known As

  • 04225Y
  • ER3S
  • ER3S-TC
  • ER3V
  • ER4V
  • LS14250
  • LS14250C
  • LTC-9C
  • SB-AA02
  • SB-AA02P
  • SL-750/S or SL750/S
  • SL-750/T or SL750/T (Tagged)
  • TL-2150/S or TL2150/S
  • TL-2150/T or TL2150/T (Tagged)
  • TL-4902/S or TL4902/S
  • TL-4902/T or TL4902/T (Tagged)
  • TL-5902/T or TL5902/T (Tagged)

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