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Product Description

These Panasonic C batteries are exclusively available to the industrial market. They feature a long shelf life and the reliable supply of power even at low temperatures.

The Powerline C is perfect for high and medium drain devices, proving very popular with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Being alkaline batteries, their reliability also makes them a great choice in safety related applications.

Manufactured in Belgium, the Powerline series from Panasonic are produced in a factory that is both ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 accredited. This ensures you are consistently getting high quality. With a low self-discharge, high reliability and long life, the Panasonic Powerline C battery is a perfect choice for your next application.

We supply Powerline C cells in quantities of single cells or boxes of 10.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: LR14AD, LR14AD/B or LR14AD/10BB
  • IEC: LR14
  • NSN: 6135-00-985-7846
  • NIIN: 009857846

Also Known As

  • 14A
  • 14AC
  • 4014
  • 814
  • A93
  • AM2
  • Baby
  • E93
  • GP14A
  • GP14AU
  • HP11
  • ID1400
  • KC
  • L
  • MN1400
  • MX1400
  • U11
  • UM2
  • V1400PX

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