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The Cell Pack Solutions CPS370 is a NiMH rechargeable battery used as a replacement in a range of Electric Shavers. It is 2.4V with a capacity of 1800mAh. This battery pack comes with tags that will need to be soldiered to the circuit board of your Shaver. If you require a version which is not glued in the middle, you need our product code CPS370/1 instead.


  • Models highlighted below with a star may be able to take either the CPS533 or the CPS370. We encourage you to check the space available to ensure you order the right product.
  • The tags on this pack are long enough to bend back over should you need to.

Known Applications

  • Braun Flex Integral 6520
  • Grundig Avantgarde 8895
  • Philips Philishave 1318
  • Philips Philishave 4806
  • Philips Philishave 5826
  • Philips Philishave 5890 *
  • Philips Philishave 6000 *
  • Philips Philishave 6890 *
  • Philips Philishave 7870
  • Philips Philishave 8870
  • Philips Philishave 8890
  • Philips Philishave HQ5850
  • Philips Philishave HQ6879
  • Philips Philishave HQ6889
  • Philips Philishave 6890 *
  • Philips Philishave 7870
  • Philips Philishave 8870
  • Philips Philishave 8890
  • Philips Philishave HQ5850
  • Philips Philishave HQ6879
  • Philips Philishave HQ6889


Weight 60 g
Dimensions 29 × 14.5 × 50 mm

Cell Pack Solutions


Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)












Standard Tags

Cell Count


Reviews (14)

Rated 4.86 out of 5

5 93%
4 0%
3 7%
2 0%
1 0%
  1. By Nick Goddard Verified Buyer on

    Very quick delivery. Battery exactly as described, now installed and working fine.

  2. By Graham Layne Verified Buyer on

    I found that the website was laid out to make my search for this item easy. Payment was straight forward and delivery quick. The item matched the one I was replacing and has given it a new life
    The company’s detailed history and certifications gave me additional confidence to place my order with Cell Pack

  3. By Andy Brett Verified Buyer on

    Very fast and efficient service well organised website so it was easy to find the product I required would certainly use them again

  4. By Robert Singleton Verified Buyer on

    Asked it these fit Remington shaver yes but they are glued together and are not really the ones to use because of this

    • By Jonathan Cell Pack Solutions Ltd on

      Hi Robert,

      It appears whoever answered your question should have recommended the Cell Pack Solutions Remington R-9370 Shaver (CPS370/1) Battery instead as it’s not glued. We would be happy to swap your battery for this one too and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

      Kind regards,


  5. By Tony Verified Buyer on

    Very pleased with service, I called to ask advice on replacement cells for my Phillips shaver which i have had for quite a few years, the lady told me what to order. Ordered, delivered, fitted, great service.

  6. By bruce Verified Buyer on

    Excellent,efficient service.

  7. By Tim Verified Buyer on

    Quick delivery. Good product. Shaver working good as new now.

  8. By Kevin Verified Buyer on

    Very good, quick and efficient service. The battery was good as well. Sadly, my soldering skills were not so.

  9. By CW Verified Buyer on

    My mate fitted this CPS370 cell pack as i do not have a soldering iron.
    This pack fits both my two old shavers, Philishave 6870 and 8870 works fine saves buying a new one.
    Many thanks.

  10. By Tony Giordano Verified Buyer on

    Brilliant product exactly as described and good delivery. Now fully charged and trialling battery life at the moment.
    Saved me spending £250++ on a new shaver. Definitely recommend Cell pack Solutions excellent service.

  11. By Colin Townsend Verified Buyer on

    First time I have had my soldering iron out in aaaaages. CPS370 transplant for a Philishave 6890. First charge still going strong. Very satisfying. Quick service, no problems.

  12. By John Verified Buyer on

    I replaced the battery pack in my elderly Phillishave 5890 with a CPS370 pack and my razor is now giving readings not seen for years.
    Simple job, a bit of soldering, a child could do it.
    Thanks to Cell Pack Solutions, excellent product, excellent service.

  13. By GA Verified Buyer on

    After a couple of decades (!), my Philishave 6690 started fibbing about remaining power and giving up with 30 mins still on the display. Replacing the battery pack with the CPS370 has resulted in a shaver that’s behaving as new. Pretty simple to solder the new battery in place.

  14. By JL Verified Buyer on

    This was a replacement battery cell pack for my Philishave HQ8890, for which I’ve had for over 10 years.

    The original battery cell pack was no longer holding any charge. I replaced with the above and it now works perfect.

    I can strongly recommend.

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