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Product Description

The Cell Pack Solutions CPS533 is a replacement battery pack used in a wide range of rechargeable shavers.

The CPS533 is used in:

  • Philips Philishave 890
  • Philips Philishave 920
  • Philips Philishave 930
  • Philips Philishave 970
  • Philips Philishave 990
  • Philips Philishave HS990
  • Philips Philishave 4870
  • Philips Philishave 5853
  • Philips Philishave 5870
  • Philips Philishave 5890 *
  • Philips Philishave 6761
  • Philips Philishave 6890 *
  • Philips Philishave HG6890 *
  • Philips Philishave Coolskin

* Please note: Always double check the size available on your rechargeable shaver’s circuit board before purchasing your battery. We have been told that the models highlighted above with a star may be able to take either CPS370 or CPS533, which is slightly shorter than the CPS370.

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  1. By Iain Verified Buyer on

    Yes – a good experience with your company.
    The cells charged up in my old Remington razor, are working fine, and delivery was as expected.
    Would recommend.

  2. By D White on

    Very pleased with the speed of your delivery. I installed the batteries and my shaver worked perfectly. I have every intention of using your company for future spares.

  3. By Piers Austin Verified Buyer on

    A good company who are trying to offer the products us repairmen need. A relief to have found them and very impressed with their range and prompt service. Will use them again. Thanks

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