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Understanding the Increase in Postage Costs: A Closer Look at Lithium Battery Shipments

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Effective from June 12th, 2023, Cell Pack Solutions will be implementing a surcharge of £60 for the shipment of batteries with a lithium content over 1g per base cell (2g for battery packs). We understand that this may come as a surprise, so we would like to take this opportunity to explain the reasons behind this decision and assure you that it is necessary to comply with shipping regulations.

The Hazards of Lithium Batteries:

Lithium batteries and battery packs, particularly those of C or D size, fall under the hazardous goods category for transportation. This classification is due to their potential risks to our employees, couriers, the general public, and the environment. To ensure their safe transport, we must comply with the regulations set out by the UN and IATA. These regulations involve employing specialist packaging, completing additional paperwork, and undertaking various administrative tasks.

Safety and Compliance:

At Cell Pack Solutions, we prioritize safety above all else. To ensure that our employees are well-prepared and equipped to handle hazardous goods, our logistics team has undergone approved dangerous goods handling courses. These courses provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to comply with the stringent regulations associated with transporting lithium batteries.

Should you require any help or advice on this matter please contact us and we will happily offer some advice.

The Increasing Costs and Risks:

Unfortunately, adhering to UN, ADR Road and IATA regulations, implementing specialized packaging, and carrying out the required administrative tasks come at a considerable cost. The shipping of batteries, especially lithium batteries, has become increasingly challenging and expensive. We have worked diligently to keep shipping costs to a minimum. However, shipping lithium batteries with a lithium content over 1g per base cell (and a maximum of 2g per battery pack) now requires an official Dangerous Goods Declaration Note (DGN) as a legal requirement. The surcharge we have introduced covers the basic cost of the DGN and does not include additional administrative fees associated with completing the paperwork.

Failure to comply with these regulations poses significant risks, both in terms of safety and legal consequences. The potential dangers associated with mishandling or improperly transporting lithium batteries are too great to ignore.

Cells & Battery Packs that Require a DGN

Orders that contain the following cells will require a DGN.

Cell SizeTadiran Li-SoCl2Saft Li-SoCl2PanasonicCell Pack Solutions

An example of a DG surcharge on an order:

The dangerous goods surcharge is applied per consignment, with additional postage fees per box. This will appear as the delivery fee on your invoice. Please refer to the table below for examples. See our Delivery Rates for an accurate cost. If you have any questions, please contact us.

ProductProduct QtyDGN (ex VAT)Postage (ex VAT)Delivery Fee (ex VAT)
Tadiran SL-2780 (box qty 100)1£60Mainland UK (Next Working Day) £7.50 (1 box)DGN + (1x Postage)
Tadiran SL-2780 (box qty 100)100£60Mainland UK (Next Working Day) £7.50 (1 box)DGN + (1x Postage)
Tadiran SL-2780 (box qty 100)150£60Mainland UK (Next Working Day) £15.00 (2 box)DGN + (2x Postage)
Tadiran SL-2780 (box qty 100)200£60Mainland UK (Next Working Day) £15.00 (2 box)DGN + (2x Postage)

Our Advice to You:

The lithium batteries that require the surcharge are known for their long shelf life and can be stored for extended periods of 10+ years. To mitigate the impact of the Lithium DGN surcharge, we recommend purchasing them in larger quantities. To assist with this, we have reviewed and introduced bulk buy discounts for web and business customers to offer a more cost-effective solution.

Tadiran Saft Lithium Cells

What to do If I do not receive a DGN?

If you receive lithium batteries without a Dangerous Goods Declaration Note (DGN), it is essential to handle the situation responsibly. Here are the steps you should take:

Remember, shipping lithium batteries without the required documentation is not only a violation of regulations but also poses significant safety risks. It is crucial to address the situation promptly and ensure compliance with all shipping requirements to protect yourself, others, and the environment.

Committed to Providing the Highest Level of Service:

Cell Pack Solutions highly values your business, and we understand that the implementation of an additional charge for lithium battery shipments may raise questions. However, by shedding light on the hazardous nature of these batteries and the necessity of compliance, we hope to provide a clearer understanding of this decision.

Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and ensuring that your shipments, including lithium batteries, reach you in a timely and safe manner.


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