Further Acquisition Growth – Oceanographic Sector

Cell Pack Solutions Acquire A1M

Cell Pack Solutions are diving-in and expanding their presence in the Oceanographic Sector, through the acquisition of A1M (Swale Technologies Ltd’s battery division). We look forward to bringing our expertise in custom battery design and assembly to A1M’s customers and building strong relationships for the future.

Following the acquisition of the TRACER POWER brand in January 2021 Cell Pack Solutions has seen tremendous growth particularly in new Export Markets with this new range of Rechargeable Lithium Batteries. However, the core business of assembling customised battery packs into the industrial market sector remains at the heart of the Cell Pack business. Supplying a wide range of customers in the Utility, Medical, Emergency Services and Security sectors the company has built its reputation by offering a great service over the last 20 years.

The new acquisition will extend current activities in the Oceanography Market. Cell Pack Solutions will take over the activities of A1M, the battery assembly division of Swale Technologies Ltd. A1M had been active in that market for over 10 years and had built up a good core of customers.

Phil Gibbs, Swales Technologies Ltd, Managing Director explained that a staffing change caused him to re-assess their business direction and they decided to concentrate on their core activities in those markets. They took some time to assess various options and decided that Cell Pack were the right people to support their customers in the way they had become accustomed.

It will take a short period of transition to integrate Designs and processes but with the Cell Pack team already used to this sort of activity we hope that disruption of any service will be at a minimum.

Cell Pack Solutions continues to grow its team to cope with the new challenges it faces.


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