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The first reliable multi-level dive computer did not appear on the market until the late eighties, when first introduced they were very expensive pieces of equipment. Since then with the advances in technology, namely microchips, sensors, batteries and other electronic components; dive computers have developed into an affordable device which is now part of almost all divers standard equipment.

The main feature of a dive computer is to calculate dive tables automatically which eliminates human error found in calculation using dive tables. It also increases the value of every dive trip as the results of the calculations are accurate giving more time to simply go diving.

Modern dive computers come in two main forms:

  1. Non-air integrated
  2. Air integrated dive computers

Non-air integrated are the most common dive computers and are usually sold in gauge consoles with a submersible pressure gauge, or as stand-alone modules that can be installed in hose mount or wrist consoles. Basic features of these include: current depth, no-decompression time, max. depth, bottom time, and ascent rate. It is also useful for the dive computer to have automatic activation so you don’t even have to remember to turn on the dive computer before your dive, it will kick in immediately upon entering the water.

Air integrated computers provide all of the features of a non-air integrated dive computer but include an electronic device called a high-pressure transducer that measures air pressure from your cylinder. Since the air pressure information is in the form of electronic data that can be used by the dive computers microprocessor, the computer can measure your breathing rate and calculate remaining air time.

Many dive computer batteries use Lithium chemistry based batteries, some of which are common, others which are more difficult to find. Cell Pack Solutions stock many batteries which are used in many dive computers. If you can’t find your battery on our website, we also offer a service to source hard to find batteries.

We also specialise in Custom Battery Packs for almost any application including dive computers and dive torches. If you have any special battery requirements, please Contact Us.


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