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What are ATEX Batteries?

Batteries that power equipment in hazardous and potentially explosive environments must meet the highest safety standards. There are two sets of standards to certify this. The more commonly referenced ATEX 214 Certification- European Union Directive 2014/34/EU (replaced Directive 94/9/EC), is valid in the EU and covers electrical and non-electrical equipment. The IECEx standard is only intended for electrical equipment and aims for global acceptance.

Both ATEX and IECEx certify the equipment’s safe use in Hazardous and potentially explosive atmospheres, ensuring the operator the highest level of protection.

To pass the certification, cells need to be “intrinsically safe” (IS) and must not produce sparks or release electrical or thermal energy, even when abused (for example short circuited).

We stock a range of Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries that are certified as intrinsically safe, off the shelf. This makes them a popular choice to designers of ATEX/IECEx equipment. If the product requires a higher voltage, capacity or additional components, a custom battery pack is the best option.

ATEX/IECEx Certified Tadiran Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

Product CodeCell SizeCertificate
SL-7501/2 AAEN 500 020:2002
SL-760AAEN 500 020:2002
SL-2770CEN 500 020:2002
SL-2780DEN 500 020:2002
SL-2790DDEN 500 020:2002
SL-2870CEN 500 020:2002
SL-2880DEN 500 020:2002
Saft LS

ATEX/IECEx Certified Saft Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries

Product CodeCell SizeCertificate
LS142501/2 AA IEC 60079-11 part 10.5
LS14500 AAIEC 60079-11 part 10.5
LS17500AIEC 60079-11 part 10.5
LS26500CIEC 60079-11 part 10.5
LS33600DIEC 60079-11 part 10.5

Custom ATEX Battery Packs

Cell Pack Solutions can advise, design and assemble custom battery packs tailored to your products specific requirements taking into consideration ATEX and IECEx standards.

Having designed and assembled countless custom battery packs for use in ATEX equipment. Our extensive knowledge can guide you to a better power option for your project. We have designed and supplied custom ATEX battery packs for use in the following sectors:

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  1. By KANNAN on


    We are leading Wellheads & X-Mas trees and SSV control panels manufacturer located in Doha, Qatar. For our ongoing project, We are locking for for battery pack to use Zone 1(Explosive atmosphere (Ex d). Please advice or provide suitable battery pack from your product range.

    1. By Aaron Cell Pack Solutions Ltd on

      Hi Kannan,

      I have emailed you in regards to this enquiry.


  2. By Aydin Tamturk on

    Hello, We are a manufacturer of Agriculture and Security/Inspection Drones and thus we are in need of Batteries that pass the Atex Regulation. Could you specify the weight of the battery pack and the battery life for a UAS.


    Aydin Tamturk

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