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It’s been an exciting few weeks on the “Next Stop Santiago” relay front! We’ve had our first drop of T-shirts from Cancer Research UK  and our first delivery of goodies from our friends at Ansmann. Mix-in smashing our target (with a month to go) and 24 team members signed up, it’s been a pretty successful start!

We were a late entry into the Relay for life, but it is a decision we are glad we made. It’s amazing how a quick conversation in passing, between myself and Eddie, has transformed into signing up for this fantastic event. Since signing up there seems to be a real buzz around the place, with everyone showing their support.

Our first T-shirts arrived on Monday

We are lucky to have such great relationships with our suppliers. One quick email to let them know our plans – the support soon came flooding in. Our good friends at Ansmann sent us over some amazing remote control gadgets and a great picnic set. They were the first of many goodies to arrive, with more from GP Batteries, Mascot and Tadiran on there way.

All of our fantastic donations will be available on the day as prizes in various competitions we will be running* (no pun intended)

Thank You Ansmann NSS
Ansmann goodies for our stall

The best thing that has come as a result of doing the relay is inspiration. Everyone who has got involved so far have been inspired to set personal goals. We will cover some of these personal goals in future blog posts. To begin with though as team captain, I will share my own newly inspired goal.

Aaron: 2019 Goal

Our Team Captain Aaron

I am a keen cyclist and love anything outdoors. When I first thought of goals I could achieve I immediately thought about doing either the Great North Run, cycling the Coast to Coast or Climbing a mountain.

Last year I completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks for an Education Charity and ever since I’ve wanted to do more mountain climbing. I have set myself the goal of climbing Ben Nevis (the UK’s highest mountain.) However, this feels very achievable! So to make it more of a challenge, I want to achieve the National 3 peaks Challenge. The National 3 Peaks challenge consists of climbing and ascending Ben Nevis (Scotland), Scaffel Pike (England) and Mt Snowdon (Wales) in 24 hours.

With a total walking distance of 23 miles, driving distance of 462 miles and uphill climb of 3064 meters… Maybe I should have just stuck to climbing Ben Nevis!

In next weeks blog post we will cover Eddie’s goal of completing the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the team logo and more updates on the relay for life.

Back to the Relay for life

The day is shaping up to be a fantastic family day out, with numerous activities planned along-side the relay. We encourage everyone to pop in and show support for a great cause.

Relay For Life Jarrow – Next Stop Santiago

Why Next Stop Santiago Week 3


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