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Having been at Cell Pack Solutions over 3 months now I feel I am starting to settle in and get to know my new work colleagues. We have been on team building nights out and also had a work trip to the eCommerce Expo in Manchester. Added to that are a few local networking events and client visits, safe to say its been a busy start.

I have also spent a day in our production unit where our battery specialists put together bespoke battery packs tailored to the needs of our wide variety of customers in the public and private sector. It was good to see how things work but I think Paul, Russ and the girls were glad to see the back of me after my struggles with light assembly work. Lynne was however keen to point out I’d have got the hang of it after doing thousands of them like her and the rest of the team!

It is not an exaggeration to say the last 3 months have flown over and I am getting to grips with the world of batteries. A month or so prior to my arrival, the only knowledge I had of batteries were the Duracell AA cells which power my remote controls and the Ansmann packs I used to use in my remote control toys as a boisterous young lad back in the 90’s. We have over 1000 products and literally thousands of different customers so I am not quite there yet – do bare with me for the time being.

I am looking forward to the next few months with a trip to Frankfurt to visit one of our major suppliers – Tadiran Batteries and their lithium battery production facility. I have brushed up my battery knowledge, but now for the German phrases…

November is also set to be a busy month with a whole week out of the office promoting our Petzl head torches for half the week and bespoke battery packs for the other half. I will be back with a guest blog posting in the next couple of months with an update!


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