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A Year at CPS

James and Cameron are coming towards the end of their apprenticeship. Both set off on a journey to complete two different apprenticeships here at Cell Pack, both lasting 18 months. James is coming towards the end of completing a Level 3 Business Admin Qualification. Cameron is coming towards the end of completing a Level 3 Lean Manufacturing qualification. We sit down with James and Cameron to discuss their CPS journey.

James’ Experience

My experience at Cell Pack so far has been great. I was a shy person when I started here, however my time at Cell Pack has gained me so much confidence, from speaking to colleagues to delivery drivers, I feel as though I could talk to anyone now!

When I started my apprenticeship at Cell Pack, I didn’t know anything about the process of logistics, never mind shipping dangerous goods like batteries. However, my manager Ryan taught me everything I needed to know and now I just do it as second nature. I have learned the process of shipping batteries and all the different labels that are required to ship lithium batteries. I’ve learned which batteries class as dangerous goods, and how to correctly transport them.

I have also been getting involved in events that the company partake sin to support the local area and charities. On the 25th of June 2023 I completed a life goal of abseil from a wind turbine. This wind turbine was 30 meters tall and was very scary! However, once I did it, I wanted to do it again. It was amazing.

I have also been taking note of all the campaigns the health advocate team have been putting out. For example, healthy eating or sun awareness week. All the health advocates within the business set these up and are good to make you aware of what you should be doing for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

My Apprenticeship

I started my apprenticeship on the 13th of February 2023, and this was when I met my tutor, Annie. Annie has supported me throughout my whole apprenticeship so far. During my apprenticeship I have learned about stakeholders, letter production, project management and so much more. I am currently 16 months into my apprenticeship and are coming to the point where I am going to be signing up for my end point assessment very soon, I am currently in the works of building my portfolio which is a showcase of my work which I have been completing throughout the past 16 months.

James Checking DG Pallet Apprenticeship

Cameron’s Experience

My experience has been very beneficial, not only as a learning experience but also as a working one. The workplace is very challenging and requires being creative and open to new ideas from other members of the team. I have enjoyed integrating myself into the tight knit work force and becoming a more experienced and better apprentice. Since coming out of COVID when I was in lockdown through most of my school time, I found that it was difficult to get back into the working mode. However, the people and the work made it such a seamless transition.

I have learned how to solder quicker and how to use a resistance welder, which will help me take my career to new heights. I have learned how to communicate within a team and talk to other people within a working environment. Communication has been a tricky thing to learn for me as someone who spent a portion of their childhood locked in due to the global pandemic.

I have developed my own social skills; I have improved my work rates. I have changed my attitude to a more positive one and I have been enjoying my work more now than ever before.

The health advocate campaigns have been very beneficial in increasing my understanding of the health problems we may all face at some point and how best to avoid them for example, eating better and cutting out all the things that science have proven to be harmful to you. It is useful to know these sorts of things to maybe take some preventative measures.

This job keeps me on my toes as I am constantly gathering work and giving my work away to other people. This makes me quicker at making decisions and a lot more efficient in my work.

My Apprenticeship

I’ve had a great time completing my apprenticeship at Cell Pack Solutions, it has taught me a lot of things that I will carry into my future careers, and I will always be grateful to Cell Pack for allowing me this opportunity to develop myself and my skills to become the best version of myself that I can be.

Next Steps

James and Cameron are both coming up towards the end of their apprenticeships and are preparing for their final assessments. Once completed we expect them to continue in their roles within the team and wish them all the luck for their futures.

Cameron Gluing In Production Apprenticeship

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