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The Yuasa 1SCM3.0 is an industrial flat top 3000mAh Sub C size NiMH cell. These batteries are commonly used in battery pack production because of their reliability and long service life.

Exhibiting a high capacity, you can expect to get around 1000 cycles from these high quality Yuasa cells.

We can supply the 1SCM3.0 either as it comes or with tags.


Weight 50 g
Dimensions 22.1⌀ × 42 mm


Product Range

Yuasa Standard NiMH Cells

Alternative Codes



Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)








Sub C


Standard Tags

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  1. By A.R.Tilley Verified Buyer on

    A quick response and good presentation …
    The Yu lite batteries arrived very soon after I placed my order, three days earlier than predicted in fact. The packaging was very protective. The batteries were not individually packaged but the company does stipulate that, in their description of the product. When tested each cell registered in excess of 1.2 volts and a charge of 9+ AMPS; while the voltage appears normal, based on the result of the amperage reading it is possible that I may need to replace my multi meter. The pack has not been assembled yet so the collective worth of the batteries cannot be determined, but after soldering strips to the positive caps in preparation, I can state that the readings remain consistent so have no worries that the remaining solder joints will cause a problem,; unless of course I do something stupid such as holding the iron to the join for an extensive time. a quickly applied tinning coat to the caps allows a very quick join. After light scrubbing with a scotch pad and a slight application of Rosin flux, the caps take a tinning coat readily and quickly, thus minimising the risk of heat damage; a hot iron quickly applied seems to effect quickest and most efficient heat dissipation when attaching tabs or wires, hence the tinning in preparation.

  2. By Andrew Murray on

    I agree with the last reviewer, these batteries were used to refurbish a floor sweeper, another piece of kit saved

  3. By Peter Newton Verified Buyer on

    Excellent batteries. Used to refurbish a Bosch power drill battery pack. Now brought back to life and working well. Saved from the scrap heap. Delivered promptly from Cell Pack
    Solutions. Will use this company again for anything in the future.

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