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Product Description

The Mascot 2241 SLA is a 12V 1A Lead Acid battery charger which features 3 step charging control with current detection for charge termination.

It has protection against reverse polarity using an automatically resettable fuse. We have several extras for this charger for you to choose from including plug adaptors, lead sets and DC jack(s).

Note: The 2241 SLA range refers to the fact that these chargers are designed to accept interchangeable plug adaptors. We normally supply this with a UK 3 PIN plug adaptor but we do have plug adaptors available for other regions.  The 2241 SLA range can easily be converted into the 2240 SLA range with the use of the Mascot UK 3A Plug / Lead Set (1.8m with C7 Output).

The 2240 SLA range is specifically designed to be a desktop type and cannot be converted to a 2241.  In order to offer the most flexibility we have standardised on the 2241 SLA range. If you specifically want the 2240, these can be obtained if the application and volume warrant it. Please contact us for more details.


  • Universal input voltage (100-240V AC)
  • Additional AC and DC plugs Sold Separately
  • Medically certified (EN 60601)
  • UL Approved

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