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Product Description

The Saft LS17500 is a standard A size lithium battery. The bobbin construction of the LS range enables the maximum loading of active materials to achieve maximum possible energy output. With its remarkably low self-discharge (less than 1% per annum), it perfectly matches long-term applications. Because of this, these batteries are perfect for use as memory back-up in a wide range of Computer Systems, PLC Machines and Medical Devices.

With superior resistance to corrosion and a high voltage response (stable during most of the lifetime of the application) these cells also have a wide operating temperature of between -60ºC to +85ºC. Cases on these batteries are hermetically sealed, ensuring protection against leakage.


  • Safety: UL 1642 & IEC 60086-4
  • ATEX: IEC 60079-11 part 10.5 (T4 rating at +40ºC)
  • Transport: UN 3090 & UN 3091
  • Quality: ISO 9001

We can supply this Saft LS17500 as a standard cell or with Tags.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: LS17500
  • IEC: ER17500
  • NSN: 6135-01-524-7621
  • NIIN: 015247621

Also Known As

  • 04811V
  • ER17505
  • ER17505/T (Tagged)
  • ER18505
  • ER18505/T (Tagged)
  • LS17500/T (Tagged)

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