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Product Description

Ultra Alkaline AA batteries from GP are one of our go to recommendations in high drain applications requiring AA batteries. Offering up to 10x more power than Zinc Chloride cells, they are ideal for everyday use.

A shelf life of up to 7 years means you won’t be let down should you not use all of the batteries you order at once. Ideal for keeping around the home or office, whether you use them in your Photo Flash or your Game Controller.

We supply Ultra Alkaline AA cells in either a pack of 4, a pack of 8 (+ 4 free), a box of 24 or a box of 40.

Battery Identification

  • MPN: GP15AU, GPPCA15AU013, GPPCA15AU080, GPPCA15AU006 or GPPCA15AU007
  • IEC: LR6
  • NSN: 6135-99-195-6708
  • NIIN: 991956708

Also Known As

  • 15A
  • 15AC
  • 815
  • 4006
  • A91
  • AM3
  • E91
  • GP15A
  • HP7
  • ID1500
  • KAA
  • LR6AD
  • M
  • Mignon
  • MN1500
  • MX1500
  • UM3
  • V1500PX

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