ZeroWatt Battery Charger – Goodbye to Standby and Save Energy!

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Ansmann have developed a really nice battery charger which comes under their ZeroWatt Range. It is an intelligent charger which automatically switches itself off once the batteries have been charged. This obviously saves energy being wasted, therefore saves money and is kinder on the environment.

The charger will charge both AA and AAA size cells – up to 4 cells. It has a 100 to 240V input capability and comes with both a UK and EU type plugs, which are easily interchangeable. Please note that is you purchase it in the UK then it comes with both plugs, if you pick one up in Europe then it is likely that you will only get supplied the EU plug, so be careful.

It also gets supplied with a 12V car adaptor so that you can charge your batteries on the move. That can be a really handy feature.

This is one of my favourite chargers and I would give it a 10 out 10 rating for easy of usability and its design.

We offer different standard Ansmann Battery Chargers – either with or without batteries. Combined with the ready to use (pre-charged) maxE Range of batteries, this is the future of batteries and battery chargers.


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