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World records come and go and it’s not often that there is a one we can link to. In September, LED Lenser broke the world record for the world’s largest torch!

The above monstrous torch was unveiled at Solingen’s Festival of Light at the Lichternacht. The torch itself, which is based on the powerful LED Lenser X21, smashed the previous record held until now by Moonlight Trading, by almost double, yes double the size!

Some other quick facts about the massive X21-based torch:

The giant torch apparently took 230 hours to create by some of the best at LED Lenser. They insist that this torch was not only built to win a world record, but to show the efficiency of LED bulbs against conventional light bulbs. They also stated that only 1000 Watts of energy were needed to power this LED monster, whereas to power 250 conventional incandescent bulbs (the rough equivalent to the 19 massive LED lights used in this torch) would require 10,000 Watts of power.

Now I don’t know about you but this really makes me stop and think why would anyone still be using ordinary incandescent bulbs as opposed to LED ones, considering the amazing 9/10th’s of energy that could potentially be saved. Now think of this in terms of battery life and suddenly those old battery draining incandescent torches seem well and truly obsolete in comparison to LED Lensers quality LED torches.

If this post has made you think (and it certainly has for me!) that maybe you should replace that old incandescent torch, or invest in a new high quality torch that will last, why not take a look at our entire LED Lenser range. We have torches for a range of activities and general purposes, from extreme torches such as the X21 (which this world record breaker is based on!), to the very powerful rechargeable head torch, the H14R.


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