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This ash cloud was starting to get me down and was starting to worry about whether it was ever going to go away. Could see 4 months of anticipation and training for the trek going down the Suwannee, but it does look like the tide has turned at last. One of my poor colleagues has been stranded in Turkey and he still does not know when he is coming home.

I’m pleased that the charity fundraising is still ticking along, it is really difficult because there is so much competition for money these days. There are so many worthy charities. Got a nice boost from Geoff Ford, chairman of STMF today, words of support and encouragement are just as valuable. They act as spur in times when you get the occasional doubting thoughts. Have already had some contributions from other members. I also had a lot of help and encouragement from my friend Dave Cottam of Cottam Brush, the best brush maker in the business. Secretly I think they all must think I am mad.

I also got sent a compression bag from my friends at Lyon. My total inexperience for the preparation of the kit I need was highlighted by the fact I was wondering how I would fit the 4 seasons Sleeping Bag into my kit bag. A decent EXPED waterproof compression bag did the trick.

I have got so many people to thank for their support. I will find a way when I get back. I will have 17 days to take in the magnificent views and contemplate the meaning of life (which I assume we all know that the answer is 42).


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