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Just an update to remind you all that we have moved premises. You can find our new address and contact details on our website’s contact us page. We hope you are enjoying the summer holidays and wearing plenty of sun lotion as no amount of battery power can cure sun burn!

Here at Cell Pack Solutions, we are working hard to bring you more content as we update our new website and refurbish our stocks. So take a look around our Online Shop for all of your battery needs.

Meanwhile our new building has attracted the Shields Gazette and their photographer. He came along early this morning to take a few snaps of the site and staff. Despite being severely camera shy we all, eventually, opened up with smiles for the camera!

There are still a few small touches to be made around the new site in order to make it presentable and look as good as possible for you, our customers. Such as, repainting the fences and figuring out what to do with the excess space up on the first floor, as well as adding a little decoration to the walls of the office. However, we have all settled in nicely and production and distribution is on-going so don’t hesitate if you have any orders to place!


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