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Two team members here at Cell Pack Solutions are going to walk on hot coals! Eddie and Gail have both volunteered to raise money for St. Clare’s Hospice and are going to brave the fiery coals. Personally I wouldn’t like to take on such a feat – especially using nothing but my feet! (Or at least I would be expecting a bucket full of cold water to be provided afterwards, so I hope they get one).

St Clare's Hospice Logo

I’ve heard that apparently you get a training session before the real deal, but despite this there are still a number of people who back down when it comes to be their turn (can you blame them?).

I have faith that both Eddie and Gail will succeed in this mad challenge. Gail is no stranger to danger as she already Zip Wired from the Tyne Bridge with another colleague Florence

All of us here at Cell Pack Solutions wish these two the best of luck and hope they raise a lot of money for a very worthwhile cause.


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