Ten Reasons for Using GP and Cell Pack Solutions Over the Competition

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These days it is true to say that because of the Internet and due to improved shipping methods the competition in the Battery Market has never been tougher in the UK. Combine this with a constant battle that other manufacturers face with the pricing of their own host products, the temptation to save a little on the core cost of batteries is immense. However, the cost of choosing the cheapest offering can often backfire and lead to increased warranty claims and damage the reputation of your own products and brand.

Reasons for Choosing GP and Cell Pack Solutions

  1. GP Batteries are one of the most famous and well established brands in the World.
  2. They are a Global Brand with 10 factories worldwide, employing 6000 and producing more than 4 billion cells per year.
  3. Their products are made to the highest International Quality Standards.
  4. Many of their products have independent quality assessments from the Underwriters Laboratory in the US. This is important if you are then subsequently exporting your product into the US.
  5. GP have first class Technical Support based within the UK.
  6. GP take the responsibility of registering with the Environment Agency for the placement of their batteries on the UK market. This is a legal requirement if you become the prime importer of batteries into the UK.
  7. GP have been the chosen battery in many high end applications where often the selection criteria involves more extreme testing and benchmarking against lower cost alternatives.
  8. Cell Pack Solutions Ltd were carefully chosen and work closely as a Partner and Stockist in the UK, and  their own battery pack assembly facilities.
  9. Cell Pack in their own right have relevant Quality and Environmental Certifications.
  10. Throw in a touch of Geordie Humour and we promise you will enjoy your experience of dealing with our team.

The bottom line is confidence and trust. If you give us the opportunity to become your supplier of choice, we will do the rest.


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