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Taidran Batteries Rapid Response TRR Series

The Tadiran Rapid Response (TRR) series has recently been developed by Tadiran Batteries. This new family of lithium thionyl chloride batteries is capable of delivering high capacity and high energy density without voltage or power delay. This will deliver long life power in extreme environmental conditions.

When a standard LiSOCl2 battery is first subjected to load, voltage can drop temporarily and then return to its nominal value. These batteries virtually eliminate this voltage drop as well as voltage drop under pulse (or transient minimum voltage level). The final result is zero delay during the voltage response. These unique attributes enable the TRR series battery to utilise available capacity more efficiently. This extends the operating life of the battery in certain applications, especially in extremely hot or cold temperatures.

These batteries are relatively new to the market and inquiries only are being taken at this point. If you require more information, please feel free to contact us.


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