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Petzl Tikka XP Atex E81 PEX Headlamp

Petzl has finally done it – combined all the great things about its TIKKA headlamp and put it together with its new XP technology to give a penetrating beam with a bit more oomph in the new TIKKA XP ATEX.

The new light has a claimed maximum light distance of 50 metres (using a boost mode) with a normal beam of 35 metres. That puts it right up there as a light you can use for more than just pottering around the camp or lighting the way on an easy route. There are just some climbs and walks when you need that extra reach for route-finding. It’s also good to have the extra stretch should you ever find yourself doing search and rescue on a mountain. The light is so good I’d almost nominate as one of the best mountaineering headlamps there is, but it is outclassed by slightly bigger lights that have just a bit more power.

With fresh batteries its three LEDs are just a tad bright for reading in the tent. For big expeditions most climbers have been forced to carry a bigger hybrid light with a combination of halogen bulb and LEDs – The obvious problem is that most of these are bulky with a separate battery compartment (and I hate the ones that sit at the back of the head causing clutter) and have a main beam that eats batteries the way slot machines go through coins in Vegas.

The TIKKA Plus, which has four LEDs, casts a better beam for walking by and also comes with fancier electronics allowing you to choose three light levels for everything from walking to reading in bed. It also has a blinking mode, useful if you’re trying to attract attention. So far I’m more than happy with it, but I do kinda wish I’d waited for the TIKKA XP.

About the TIKKA XP:

The company claims a battery life of 120 hours on the lowest setting and 60 hours at its bright setting for a 35 metres beam. The boost only works for about 20 seconds at a time to prevent overheating.

This light looks a strong contender to muscle out the MYO XP on which it’s based. That light offers a slightly longer battery life and a main beam that carries about 10 metres further, but with all the disadvantages of a separate battery back, which will be an inconvenience for most people except those going to extra cold places and need a remote battery holder that can go down the inside of clothing to keep going strong as the temperature drops.

One of the main advantages of the ATEX approved TIKKA XP is its certification to the following standards:

Petzl also offer a 3 year guarantee with this product.


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