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Hi Everyone,

This last few weeks have been amazing despite the snow and the ensuing chaos caused. We shipped many thousands of orders and as far as we know, most of them got through to the end OK. There was the odd delay here and there, but this has been one of the most testing of times we have all encountered. On the whole the majority of customers have accepted that they will get the item they ordered.

We will still post out any orders we receive over the holidays, but you will have to except that the goods will arrive at the mercy of the postman (who have been doing a sterling job).

Our last posting times are:

This is only for small items. Anything large and expensive will not leave until 4th January.

If you are ordering Saft 2LSH20 Lithium Gas Fire Ignition Battery Packs then these can only go by specialist carrier and they will not be collecting or delivering until the 4th January 2011.

We will be in on the 29th and 30th between 10AM and 2PM, to deal with any orders or queries and you can email me directly at all other times. I will try to answers all emails as soon as I can.

Please note all invoices raised before the 4th January will get VAT at the old rate of 17.5%

Eddie Czestochowski,

Managing Director.


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