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You may have never heard of the GP910A battery, or even any of its many names such as an N cell, an MN9100 or an LR1, but the likelihood is that you will use this battery somewhere in your house, and you probably don’t even know it.

You see this very diverse battery has a long list of applications, and while it is used in far more than just these, the most common applications include using it in key fobs, remote controls, radio pagers, doorbells as well as fishing bite alarms.

Now you can see how at least one or two of your daily items will probably contain this battery, and if you don’t know where to go, you could have a nasty time finding a replacement.

The reason being is that when a battery can be referred to as many names, it is usually always known as one, then in a few circumstances it may get called the others. The problem with the GP910A, is that is gets referred to as an N cell, an MN9100 or an LR1 equally, as different manufacturers codes are simply used in conjunction with each other, often causing confusion as to whether they are the same battery.

Cell Pack Solutions are here to tell you that indeed they all do refer to the exact same kind of battery, and after reading about just how many applications they fit into, why not pick up a few spares from our Online Shop so that you’re ready when the TV remote dies, or the electric garage door won’t close.


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