Why are LEDs Better than Traditional Incandescent Lights?

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LED Lenser T7 (7439) Tactical Torch (Gift Box)

If you need to use a torch as part of your daily routine, either at home or at work then do yourself a favour and do not get a cheap one. Get a good quality LED type which will save you money and give you better performance.

LEDs have several advantages over incandescent lights which are as follows:

LEDs are incredibly energy efficient because they generate almost no heat. A standard LED uses only 0.1 watt, and the newer, ultra-bright power chips only use between 0.8 and 3 watts. This allows all the electrical energy to be used to generate light.

LEDs last longer lasting because there are no filaments to burn out or break. LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of service life. By comparison, conventional torch bulbs last 20 to 100 hours and filament bulbs approximately 1,000 hours.

LEDs are compact, allowing a great deal of light to be produced and emitted in a very small space. Therefore, LED lights are easy to carry and easy to store.

LEDs are more durable. With their plastic enclosed construction, small size and no breakable filaments, LEDs can stand up to significantly rougher handling than incandescent bulb-based lights.

LED Lenser products are designed and engineered by Zweibruder Optoelectronics in Soligen, Germany using the latest techniques in Optoelectronic Engineering. Their range of torches are designed to suit every needs, there is one to choose whatever your circumstances.

A test showed that over 200 hours of continuous use, one of the cheaper torches using incandescent bulbs went through 80 batteries and 17 bulbs, whilst the LED Lenser torch went through 8 batteries.


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