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We are regularly asked how to dispose batteries. This is a tricky one because once you collect more than a couple of dozen, in reality they become hazardous waste and therefore you need to get a licence to transport them.

Consumers have less of an issue because there are more an more battery recycling bins appearing around the country, many local councils have battery bins in their recycling centres and some are now even including battery collection as part of their household waste collections.

Industrial customers normally have to arrange for authorised collections as part of their Duty of Care. I have come across this really useful site BatteryBack that seems to be full of relevant information.

We try to encourage people to reduce the actual number of throwaway batteries they use by offering people good quality rechargeable cells made by companies like Ansmann and GP Batteries.

A good set of rechargeable batteries would save you money without doubt. Cheap low quality products are a waste of money and in life you get what you pay for.


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