GP15LF Lithium AA Battery Launched by GP Batteries

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The GP15LF Primary Lithium AA Battery by GP Batteries is the best choice of battery for user-replaceable portable electronic devices.

The GP15LF can provide up to 7 times longer lasting power than an ordinary alkaline battery and a 10 year shelf life due to its low self discharge characteristics. These factors make this battery far friendlier to the environment than the alkaline equivalent.

Comprising of a number of superior features including high current and pulse capability, excellent performance at extreme ambient temperatures. Its wide operating temperatures, superior safety and reliability, a low self discharge rate and a flat discharge platform, allows it to work right to the end without fading.

This battery is recommended for devices such as digital cameras, electronic flash guns, blood pressure monitors and other medical and professional equipment. It is also great for low temperature outdoor uses like trekking and geocaching.

We sell this product on our Online Shop in industrial format helping minimise waste packaging: GP15LF Primary Lithium AA Battery.


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