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Cell Pack Solutions eBay Feedback

I took the decision this week to close down our eBay Store, in the end it was the very reason that we joined eBay that resulted in us leaving their feedback system.

When we first joined, I was attracted to the fact that customers could leave independent feedback. We ended up with over 20,000 positive feedback. We are one of those companies that believe in great service, we have a no quibble refund policy and over many years we have had close to 100,000 happy satisfied customers through our combined e-commerce channels.

We are not perfect, sometimes things go missing in the post, sometimes there is an issue with a rogue battery, or something might be missing from a sealed box. Sometimes an order goes astray or an PayPal eCheque might take a few days longer to clear. We had about 20 neutral and negatives on eBay over this time, despite clearing up the issues, sometimes you just cannot keep every customer happy, they may have just had a bad day.

The eBay policy meant that often as little as 2 poor results could lose the coveted “Top Rated Seller” status which took away advantages of getting preferential listings and higher fee discounts. Personally I would suggest that this platform takes a lot of effort to maintain and in you should really concentrate your efforts on your own website.

eBay seem to be keen for its sellers to offer the best service but you try and speak to them, it is not that easy.

We had been winding down the effort on this particular platform for the last 12 months, it served a purpose but in in the end the effort did not justify the returns. We will now spend the time streamlining our own Online Shop and work on improving the benefits to our our customers.

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