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The weather is really causing havoc to many companies that are attempting to maintain their high levels of customer service. The majority of customers are accepting that the snow is having a major impact on both collections and deliveries. You always get the occasional person who seems to live in a bubble, oblivious to what is happening in the world.

We utilise a number of e-commerce platforms – such as Amazon, eBay and our own bespoke Online Shop. With these external platforms, we do get customer feedback, we are a “Top Rated Seller” and “PowerSeller” on eBay, with a current score of over 15250 Positive at 99.9% satisfaction.

Amazon Customers are less concerned with feedback, on the whole they expect a high level of service anyway. The majority of people believe they are getting their product from a big Amazon warehouse in Milton Keynes (that’s not always the case). We still have a good feedback from our Amazon Customers.

We obviously get our own Customer Feedback that we will always occasionally post on our website but often just don’t have the time.

We minimize our risk by dealing direct with the best manufacturers in the world. We are confident that want to protect their reputations as much as we do.

We listen to every bit of feedback and will take all the appropriate actions to improve our service. Good is not good enough.


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