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The purity of materials used in EnerSys-Hawker Cyclon cells is crucial towards the performance benefits they bring. These benefits include a longer service life, higher reliability and fewer system failures resulting in an excellent cost-usage ratio.

EnerSys Hawker Cyclon cells are ideal for use in a wide range of standby and portable cyclic applications including those in the following fields:

The best thing about Cyclon cells is that they will keep on delivering and can last up to 300 cycles (100% DOD, C/5), experience no “dry out”, have a high stable voltage delivery and flat discharge voltage similar to that of NiCd cells.

Cyclon cells emit minimal to nil gassing under normal charging conditions and are safe for installation in offices, hospitals or any other environment.

There rugged construction and strong external packaging mean Cyclon cells can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh usage.

You can find our entire EnerSys-Hawker Cyclon Cells Range on our Online Shop.


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