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They’re here! Yes that’s right, the new Duracell StayCharged AA and AAA batteries are now available from Cell Pack Solutions.

These batteries have been introduced as a replacement for the previous Duracell ActiveCharge Range. The AA version of the NiMH battery comes in a blister pack of 4 x 1.2V batteries and has a capacity of 2000mAh.

These batteries are Duracell’s premium range and even ahead of the Supreme range with a capacity of 2450mAh . They will stay charged for up to 5 x longer than the Supreme range. The main reason for this is the technology that StayCharged cells built with.

To be honest, they pretty much do exactly what their name suggests with a low memory loss effect meaning that when your not using them, Duracell StayCharged batteries retain up to 80% of their charge for up to one year. Ideal for low drain gadgets such as games consoles, walkie talkies or CD players and also excellent for high drain PDAs, mp3 players and digital cameras.

Duracell also have plans to introduce a new range of StayCharged branded chargers  to compliment this new range.

Please have a look at the Duracell StayCharged Range on our Online Shop. At only £9.78 inc VAT for a pack of 4 x AA, this is a bargain for new technology.


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