Customer Service and Feedback

Every company has to offer great customer service to retain existing business and to encourage referral business. We are no different as we regularly go the extra mile to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Like most companies we record positive testimonials on our website. Cynics would say you are only use the good ones, so to counter this we decided to set up an eBay Shop and utilise their independent feedback system.

What you do learn is you cannot please all of the people all of the time, one of our customers commented “Good product – very speedy delivery – postage far too high”, here we supplied a simple battery to repair his rechargeable shaver, the postman did his job and delivered really quickly.

The chap was not happy because we charged 99 pence for carriage (which includes the VAT, the cost of the jiffy bag, the cost of the stamp, the cost of eBay listing fees and final value fees). Often the comments do give you a bit of a smile. We do try to take note and act on the majority of the comments we receive.

We also recently added a review feature where customers can give feedback on products purchased. This again can produce useful feedback both for company and for our other customers.


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