Custom Cell Packs Power Air Quality Monitors

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Custom Cell Packs Power Air Quality Monitors
Custom Cell Packs Power Air Quality Monitors

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd, specialist custom battery pack manufacturer, has designed and manufactured custom cell packs to power a new range of remote air quality and environmental measurement monitors made by Envirowatch.

Air and noise pollution and its effects on population health is an increasingly serious problem, there is a need to monitor air quality and noise pollution in a wide variety of locations.

The Envirowatch wireless sensor devices, called E-MOTES, are capable of delivering real time air quality, noise, climate and traffic data. They are a compact design, unobtrusive and can be installed in remote and generally inaccessible locations where monitoring is required. Data is sent every minute by wireless communication to EnviroView software that provides accurate graphical information mapped to each sensor location using GPRS sent to users devices enabling analysis without the need to collect data manually.

Cell Pack Solutions expertise for custom design and manufacture of cell packs was vital to the products development and production. Consideration was made to the products power and application needs, as well as their integration into the compact design. Prototype cell packs were built and field tested. After excellent trial results the final designs were manufactured in bulk. Powered by cell packs built to fit into the E-MOTES casing and recharged by solar power, the cell packs are providing reliable power over long periods in the demanding and varied climatic conditions of cold, heat and varying humidity found in outdoor environments.

Cell Pack Solutions offer high quality custom design of battery/cell packs and rapid reaction prototyping to OEM companies as well as small and large batch manufacture.


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