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Custom Battery Pack Engineering with Rapid Reaction Prototyping
Custom Battery Pack Engineering with Rapid Reaction Prototyping

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd are specialists in battery pack design and manufacturing.

We offer Rapid Reaction Prototyping for custom engineered battery packs to electronic device manufacturers.

Custom Battery Packs are often designed for applications that are used in remote locations  and portable devices such as Security and Access Control,Smart Metering, Surveillance, Asset Tracking, Environmental Monitoring and Data Logging .

Battery and cell pack design is often integral  but often forgotten as aspect part of the products development and production.

Cell Pack Solutions Ltd’s Rapid Reaction Prototyping services utilises the companies skills and expertise with over 3000 unique custom battery pack designs to date. As experts they take into consideration the devices specifications  and put an emphasis on battery lifetime, power output, physical size and recharge times.

Large stocks of many different battery types, components and connectors means that they can offer Rapid Reaction Prototyping and manufacturing.

Battery test capability ensures that Custom Battery Packs are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.


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