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The Ansmann Energy 4 Speed Battery Charger should be top of anybody’s list when they are switching to using rechargeable batteries. This charger is one that’s designed to last and this is truly reflected in the features of this fine product that Ansmann have created.

The Energy 4 Speed can fit into many different applications and is the perfect product for someone with a hobby such as photography. This product is capable of charging both AA and AAA cells, with an adjustable button on the side of the charger for varying charging currents, 2100mAh/850mAh for your AA batteries and 850mA/350mA for your AAA batteries.

Safety is a big issue with this charger and it comes packed with reverse polarity protection (meaning if you accidentally put the batteries in the wrong way they’ll be fine), as well as having multiple overcharging protection, temperature detection and a safety timer.

Your cells are being cooled when charged by the built in fan giving you peace of mind whilst charging your batteries as you know they won’t get hot, meaning you don’t have to sit and wait around to remove the cells immediately once charged.

What you get in the box is of course the charger itself with both a UK plug and an in car adapter as well as Ansmann Digital 4 x AA 2700mAh Rechargeable Batteries and if you wish to purchase more of these, you can purchase the higher capacity version: Ansmann Digital AA 2850mAh Rechargeable Batteries.

You may also be worth purchasing some AAA batteries alongside this charger as it does charge both: Ansmann Standard 4 x AAA 1100mAh Rechargeable Batteries.


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