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The great thing about what we do is that we are regularly asked to refurbish and repair all sorts of battery packs for all sorts of equipment, some every day applications such as toothbrushes and rechargeable shavers.

People often tell us that have spent hours, days and sometimes weeks trying to find someone who will try to help them. More than often than not they get told that they are wasting their time and that they should throw the equipment and buy a new one. We will try to help if it is at all possible.

The very first order we received over 10 years ago was to replace a battery for a Casio calculator printer. It was a really simple 4.8V 600mAh NiCd battery pack and the chap who wanted it was over the moon that he was able to get it working again.

We put together a complete list of refurbishments that we have done over the years, our A to Z of battery refurbishment:

Only yesterday we were asked to reproduce a 12V battery pack for a Reclining armchair.

If you desperately want to keep some piece of equipment work for whatever reason and you feel you are getting no help from anyone then please contact us, ideally include an image of the battery and any other information you feel will help us to help you.


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