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Ranging from small button cells, to tens of thousands of AA’s. Cell Pack Solutions have supplied customers with GP Batteries for over a decade. We’re that confident in the quality of their product, we use their cells in most of our Primary Alkaline and Rechargeable NiMH battery packs.

It still surprises us that many people still haven’t heard of them, but why is this?

The Answer is quite simple… Instead of ploughing millions of pounds into marketing campaigns to say they’re the best, they rely on just being the best! The money they save not running big fancy TV adverts is passed onto the end user, in the form of great quality batteries at better prices (than the competitors).

So Who are GP Batteries?

GP Batteries International Limted have been manufacturing cells for over 50 years. Based in Honk Kong they have grown to become one of the top 5 battery manufacturers in the world. Renowned for their build quality and performance, they have 281,000 square meters of production facilities across China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Along with trading offices spanning Asia, Europe and North America; Employing 5,600 staff and producing more than 4 billion cells per year.

They have 2 divisions of battery manufacturing- Consumer and Industrial. Cell Pack Solutions are one of the only places in the UK to deal with both, Making us one of the UK’s Primary Stockists, holding the widest range of GP Batteries product.


GP Batteries Consumer division covers:

  • Super
  • Ultra
  • Greencell
  • ReCyko
  • Coin cells (carded)
  • Button Cells (carded)
  • Lithium (carded)


GP Batteries Industrial includes:

  • Industrial Alkaline (“Not for Retail Sale” -Sleeved cells)
  • Industrial NiMH (Flat-Topped Rechargeable NiMH cells)
  • Lithium (bulk)
  • Coin Cells (bulk)

Cell Pack Solutions Import all Industrial cells directly from Hong Kong into the UK Market.

GP Batteries Full Ranges

3 Reasons for Choosing GP and Cell Pack Solutions

If you are after some of the best quality cells on the Market then GP batteries is your answer. Buying with Cell Pack Solutions offers the extra benefits of receiving the cells you need fast!

  1. We Stock the widest range and hold large quantities of stock to ensure you get the batteries you need, when you need them.
  2. GP have been the chosen battery in many high end applications where often the selection criteria involves more extreme testing and bench-marking against lower cost alternatives- They win every time.
  3. Many GP Batteries products are made to the highest International Quality Standard and have independent quality assessments from the UL Witness Test Data Program.

Speak to one of our friendly team to switch to GP Batteries.


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