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When people ask me what applications our custom battery packs are used for I often say “data loggers” and then have to explain what a data logger is.

A data logger is essentially a data recorder. It is an electronic device that records data over time. It’s a clever piece of instrumentation that can include many types of sensors to detect the information it is attempting to record. Examples include water flow in sewers to identify leaks, cars travelling across a particular point on a road, changes in temperature in a cold storage location or changes in corrosion levels in pipelines. Changes in technology often mean that this information is now transmitted in real time, wirelessly.

Data Logger Battery X Ray View

The common factor in most of these applications is that they are often located in remote areas; where it is not easy to change the battery pack. To solve this, we design the pack to last as long as possible, within the size constraints. Often they are located in hazardous situations; so we have to ensure the battery is designed to meet the standards required to work in these environments.

Lithium Primary cells and in particular Lithium Thionyl Chloride has proved to be the main battery technology used in these kinds of applications, offering long and reliable life cycles. In situations requiring a high current pulse to transmit information, our designs will incorporate a Pulses Plus Hybrid Layer Capacitor to deliver that burst of energy required. (This is only applicable when using Tadiran cells).

Our custom battery packs have powered data loggers that cover many applications, across different market sectors for over 20 years. We work very closely with Saft and Tadiran, two of the Market leading producers of Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries.

Over our 20 years in existence we have worked with many of the top manufacturers of this type of equipment. In this time, we have had to pass many external audits by various auditing bodies to comply with ATEX requirements. We welcome the opportunity to work with new clients so if you are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to either work with your new project or even as a second source to your existing custom battery pack requirement then please give us a call on 0191 496 9999 or email info@cellpacksolutions.co.uk.


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