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Lithium Batteries

Shipping Lithium batteries

Since Cell Pack Solutions’ acquisition of Tracer Power, the amount of international shipments has increased rapidly. To cope with the increase we have invested heavily in the capability to export batteries, especially class 9 hazardous consignments. Appointing a dedicated export sales manager, investing in the logistics department and obtaining the correct authorisation to transport lithium batteries internationally.

Shipping Lithium batteries requires compliance with a number of international regulations. These differ depending on the mode of transport (Air, Sea, Road) and each has their own regulatory body- IATA/ICAO (Air), IMDG (Sea), ADR (Road). As the Shipper, we take the compliance with these regulations very seriously, ensuring the safe transportation of goods to our customers. All consignments are packaged, marked, labelled and handled in accordance to the relevant shipping regulations.

If you need advice on the logistics of shipping batteries you can contact us here.


Cell Pack Solutions are proud to only supply batteries from world leading cell manufacturers. All lithium batteries supplied from these manufacturers have passed the relevant testing and are safe for shipping as class 9 dangerous goods. To obtain this, they must pass 8 tests (T1-8) that can be found under section 38.3 of the UN manual of tests and Criteria (Pages 427-433).

T1: Altitude SimulationThis test simulates air transport under low-pressure conditions.
T2: Thermal TestThis test assesses cell and battery seal integrity and internal electrical connections. The test is conducted using rapid and extreme temperature changes.
T3: VibrationThis test simulates vibration during transport.
T4: Shock This test assesses the robustness of cells and batteries against cumulative shocks.
T5: External Short Circuit This test Simulates an External short circuit.
T6: Impact/CrushThese tests simulate mechanical abuse from an impact or crush that may result in an internal short circuit.
T7: OverchargeThis test evaluates the ability of a rechargeable battery or a single cell rechargeable battery to withstand an overcharge condition.
T8: Forced DischargeThis test evaluates the ability of a primary or a rechargeable cell to withstand a forced discharge condition.

You can find the relevant paperwork for each cell under the Data Sheets Section on the product page or relevant Partners page.

When transporting custom lithium battery packs overseas, the battery pack must undergo the same rigorous testing to receive certification. Cell Pack Solutions are experienced and have tested a number of custom battery pack designs over our 20+ years. The process is complex, therefore it is only recommend for larger projects. If you need advice speak to one of the team who can guide you through the process.

Shipping Costs

Due to the unique nature of exporting goods and price differences, each international order is treat on an individual basis. Please Note: It is not possible to ship dangerous goods to all countries.


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